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Laurel House, 121 Knock Road


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One of the primary goals in the design of Laurel House, was to create an aesthetically traditional building, while also producing an energy efficient house.

Making use of modern technologies, the house will be an environmentally low impact home, reducing energy needs and lowering the carbon footprint of the building. The incorporated solar technology and battery storage will take away some reliance on fossil fuels with a significant portion of the electric being home generated.

Laurel House is a 2427sqft detached house in the Knock Road area of East Belfast consisting of four double bedrooms and three bathrooms, an open plan kitchen living and dining room with an additional two more reception rooms on the ground floor. There is also the option of an additional two rooms and a shower room on a third floor.

Solar tiles are the latest innovation in the field of clean and
renewable energy.

A solar tile combines traditional roofing properties with the technical properties of solar panel. Solar tiles are used to
generate electricity by using sunlight. Solar cells are fixed in the solar tiles which absorbs the sunlight and transforms it
into usable electricity.

In recent years, technical researches have made it possible to modify solar panels and to give them a real shape in the
form of a solar tile.

The Nulok Solar energy output per solar tile has increased by 12%, providing more solar power from the same roof area.
Nulok Solar Tiles are often referred to as "hidden energy" as they are fitted into the roof without compromising the
roofline, unlike old fashioned solar racks that often ruin the appearance of the house.

Nulok Solar will pay for itself and future proof the resale price of your home in year´s to come.

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