Benefits of Buying a New Home

No chain, less hassle

You can move into a new home as soon as it is built. There is no need to wait for existing owners to move out. This simplifies the house buying chain and the stress and uncertainty that is often associated with moving, particularly into a second-hand home.

High specification

In general, new homes are built to a much higher specification than many older homes as a result of using modern materials and meeting the latest building regulations.

Greener and cheaper

Today's new homes are built to the latest environmental standards, so they are not only better for the planet but cheaper to run. Research published by the Zero Carbon Hub and the NHBC Foundation shows that new homes built to current energy efficiency standards could be up to 57% cheaper to run compared to an updated Victorian home of a similar size.

Finish your new home with your choices

A new home is fresh, bright and clean, untouched by previous owners. It provides a blank canvas on which to stamp your own style and personality from day one. In many cases when you buy a new home you can choose the fixtures and fittings. Where available this will include flooring, bathrooms and kitchens and in some cases landscaping.

Suit your modern lifestyle

New homes are built to make use of every inch of space. Research shows 17% of living space in older style properties often goes unused, which translates to £34,000 of a £200,000 house going to waste. New homes, on the other hand, provide flexible living space whatever your demographic.

Stay safe and sound

New homes are designed to adhere to high building standards. These standards relate to every aspect of a building's construction including its structure, ventilation, sound insulation, electrical and fire safety, so you can enjoy living in a safe and secure environment.

Peace of mind

Buying a new home eliminates the need to do any renovations, repairs or DIY, meaning new home owners can spend more time with family and friends, doing all the things they really enjoy. Most new homes come with a ten year insurance / warranty, providing new owners with peace of mind.

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